teeth whitening

Would you like a whiter, brighter smile? Have your teeth been discoloured and stained by years of coffee drinking or smoking?  Perhaps you have never liked the colour of your teeth.   Our teeth whitening treatments may provide the solution you have been looking for.


How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Tooth whitening is a safe, non-invasive procedure.  The whitening solution penetrates the pores of your enamel to whiten your teeth. Your teeth will appear whiter, brighter, and years younger when your treatment is complete. The results vary for each person, and sometimes additional treatments are required to achieve the desired result.    We provide both take home and in-office tooth whitening.  At Natural Holistic dentistry we use the Natural + Gel whitening system.  Natural + contains  non-toxic ecological & biodegradable stabilized hydrogen peroxide.  Unlike other whitening systems it does not contain any heavy metals.


In-Office Chair side Whitening

An in office appointment takes less than an hour and produces visibly whiter teeth.  In cases where teeth are heavily stained or discoloured further treatment may be needed at home to achieve the desired result.  Everything you need to continue is included in the initial cost.


Take-Home Professional Whitening Kits

Take home whitening is a great alternative for patients on a budget.  Our patients can achieve great results whitening their teeth over the course of around two weeks.  The results achieved will be almost the same as with the in instant in-office treatment.


Why should you consider tooth whitening

People with whiter, beautiful smiles have the confidence to smile openly at the world.  Feeling comfortable with the appearance of your teeth can help improve both your personal and professional life.  If you’d like to find out whether whitening is a good option for you call us now for a consultation



Is there anyone the treatment is not suitable for?

Tooth whitening is not suitable for children under 14 and pregnant women


How much does it cost?

An In-office whitening treatment costs $800. Take home treatment is $400.  We also provide you enough whitening solution to last approximately 2 years.


How long do my results last?

A touch up treatment is usually needed every 3-6 months.  A touch up involves a single at –home treatment.  The time between touch-ups varies depending on lifestyle factors such as whether you smoke or drink tea coffee and red wine.


Why should I see a dentist rather than a beauty therapist?

Whitening treatment from a beauty therapist or tooth whitening bar may seem to be cheaper however there is a vast difference in the quality of service.  Dentists are trained professionals and for this reason we are able to administer whitening solution six times stronger than that provided by a beauty therapist, this means whiter teeth.  A dentist will also make custom trays using an impression of your mouth for you to use at home.  The trays made by a beauty therapist are heat moulded similar to a sports mouthguard purchased from a chemist and don’t adhere as well to your teeth.  Your dentist is also trained to manage any trauma that may occur in the instance that your soft tissues come in contact with the whitening solution

teeth whitening