A crown is a protective cover that sits over your tooth like a helmet. There are a number of reasons why a crown may be recommended:

  1. When a tooth is very heavily filled and there is now more filling than tooth. The remaining tooth is weakened and will not be able to adequately support the filling.
  2. Discolourations and poor aesthetics such as missing, spaced or misshapen teeth.
  3. Over the top of a dental implant.
  4. Extensive damage as a result of decay.
  5. Root canal treatment – After root canal, teeth become brittle and prone to fracture, the crown provides protection.
  6. To support a dental bridge when the adjacent tooth is missing.

There are several options available when it comes to the material used for fabricating your crown.  At the consultation appointment we will make a recommendation depending on the position of the crown in your mouth and your personal preference.



At least two appointments are required to firstly prepare your tooth and then fit the crown.

At the first appointment your dentist will prepare the tooth to a shape that can comfortably accommodate the new crown.  An impression is taken which is sent to an external dental lab.

There are usually two weeks between the crown preparation and issue appointment.  During this time a temporary crown will be fitted.

Your new crown will replicate a natural tooth in colour shape and function.

dental crown